Listen to Palm Voice Memos on PC

The Palm Voice Memo application saves files as *.pdb (palm database file). And transfers these to the Backup folder on the PC. In order to listen to these they need to be converted to a different format (such as mp3).
1. Use Clie Picture Converter to convert the file to a JPEG.
2. Rename the file with an AMR extension.
3. Use Mobile Media Converter to convert the file to MP3 format.

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I almost got struck by lightning yesterday!  I was walking out to the parking garage and nearing the metal staircase going up the side, when lightning struck the top of the stairs.  There was a big crash-bang sound and sparks started flying everywhere.  Electricity was jumping between all the gaps in the stair case, and I could feel the heat on my face!

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New Job

I am now working at AMD in Software Research & Developement as a BIOS QA Analyst.  It is very similar to my product test analyst job at Dell, but more about low-level code valadation.  I preform testing of AGESA & CIMx code on new processors and chipsets.  I have really enjoyed it so far, nice people and nice environment.

Something I found impressive was the new campus.  Here’s some info:

The Lone Star campus, which is home to AMD’s business operations and the Austin design engineering center, was designed and constructed by a diverse team of internationally recognized architects, engineers, ecologists and sustainability experts. The site development plan for the 58-acre, 870,000 square foot campus was based on three key tenets: limit site impact, protect water quality, and use innovative sustainable design. Some of the sustainable design elements include:

  • Energy Use: Powered 100% by Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® electricity, which comes from clean, renewable energy sources such as wind power
  • Rainwater collection: Designed with a 1.2 million gallon capacity rainwater collection system, which is designed to provide water for the buildings’ cooling towers and irrigation
  • Construction materials: Incorporated more than 20% of construction materials based on recycled content, and with more than 20% of locally sourced construction materials
  • 100% Native Landscaping: AMD partnered with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to salvage the native trees, shrubs and grasses within the footprint of the campus, and replant them following construction.

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Solaris in VMware

I loaded OpenSolaris 2009.06 (Solaris 10) in VMware (Workstation 6.5.0 build 118166) on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with x32 Vista, and upon powering up I get a message:

“You are running a 64-bit guest operating system, but the virtual machine is configured to run a 32-bit operating system. To ensure that a 64-bit guest operating system will function correctly you must:
1. Power off this virtual machine.
2. Change the guest operating system type to a 64-bit operating system in virtual machine settings.”

However, I found that after bypassing this message that the guest will run properly with no changes.

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AMalum detections

I had some Win32/AMalum infections turn up this morning in CA Anti-Virus (Vista, 2007, ver., engine 31.6.0) after updating to sig. 6604. I’ve seen that others are experiencing the same problem. I believe theses are false positives found with heuristic scanning. Mine were all found in Cygwin files. I checked with CA and this is what they say:

“Win32/Malum (similarly known as Win32/VMalum and/or Win32/AMalum) may be reported when CA Anti-Virus uses advanced techniques to generically detect a worm or trojan that affects the Win32 platform.
Should you have this detection reported, we highly recommend that you submit a sample of the affected file to CA Anti-Virus Research for analysis.”

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Bloglines Claim

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VMware with Linux guest

I was having a problem with running Red Hat in a virtual machine with VMware. The OS was reporting the platform as a “?86”. Which caused “wrong platform” errors with all the rpms. The fix was rather than choose the “Red Hat Linux” as the OS, choose the “Other – Kernel x.x.x”. This was on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 with VMware Workstation 6.5.0 build 118166 with Red Hat Linux 5.2 (kernel 2.0.36). For this I choose the 2.2.x kernel option. Thought this might help someone along the way.
Why was I installing such an old version – I wanted to 😉

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End of T-Ball Season

Hunter’s All-Star T-ball team made it to sectionals this year.  They all did a great job this season.  He is signed up to start basketball in a few weeks and then soccer in the fall.

I just started practices for summer co-ed softball.  Sooo hot out there, ha.  We don’t start playing till around the 13th of July at HYBSA and then go through October.  I believe our team name is going to be “backyard bruisers”.  Not sure if that had anything to do with me and my dive-flips & bleeding knee at the first practice 😉  But after that and then hitting the ball up into the playground, they said I would play the hot corner and bat clean up.  Not bad for only playing 2 seasons (9yrs ago) since playing in college.   Made me Feel great and not so old!

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t-ball tournament

Hunter is having another all-star tournament this weekend.  It is the Sandlot Tournament.  I believe we have a good shot at winning this one.

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Why did Superfetch just freakout on me???

I noticed that my system had started slowing down a few days ago.  Then it got to where the cpu was tied up so much that it took a couple of minutes to switch apps.  So I checked to see who was doing it, but nothing pushing the cpu that hard from my account in task manager.  So I checked the system account and there it was – svchost.  So I checked the services running from that iteration of svchost and out of the 3 (Superfetch, ReadyBoost, and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder) it was Superfetch that was tying up the cpu.  So a simple stop service fixed that, except I would like to use Superfetch.  I don’t understand why it just started doing this.  I’m not aware of any updates to the service that occured lately.  I have not changed my application use habits drastically so that it would have to completely rebuild it’s database.  I’ve seen others posting to boards with this same problem, but no answers.  So for now I am running without the super-, just with the pre-, ha.

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