End of T-Ball Season

Hunter’s All-Star T-ball team made it to sectionals this year.  They all did a great job this season.  He is signed up to start basketball in a few weeks and then soccer in the fall.

I just started practices for summer co-ed softball.  Sooo hot out there, ha.  We don’t start playing till around the 13th of July at HYBSA and then go through October.  I believe our team name is going to be “backyard bruisers”.  Not sure if that had anything to do with me and my dive-flips & bleeding knee at the first practice 😉  But after that and then hitting the ball up into the playground, they said I would play the hot corner and bat clean up.  Not bad for only playing 2 seasons (9yrs ago) since playing in college.   Made me Feel great and not so old!

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