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Listen to Palm Voice Memos on PC

The Palm Voice Memo application saves files as *.pdb (palm database file). And transfers these to the Backup folder on the PC. In order to listen to these they need to be converted to a different format (such as mp3). … Continue reading

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I almost got struck by lightning yesterday!  I was walking out to the parking garage and nearing the metal staircase going up the side, when lightning struck the top of the stairs.  There was a big crash-bang sound and sparks started … Continue reading

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New Job

I am now working at AMD in Software Research & Developement as a BIOS QA Analyst.  It is very similar to my product test analyst job at Dell, but more about low-level code valadation.  I preform testing of AGESA & … Continue reading

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Solaris in VMware

I loaded OpenSolaris 2009.06 (Solaris 10) in VMware (Workstation 6.5.0 build 118166) on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with x32 Vista, and upon powering up I get a message: “You are running a 64-bit guest operating system, but the … Continue reading

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AMalum detections

I had some Win32/AMalum infections turn up this morning in CA Anti-Virus (Vista, 2007, ver., engine 31.6.0) after updating to sig. 6604. I’ve seen that others are experiencing the same problem. I believe theses are false positives found with … Continue reading

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Bloglines Claim

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VMware with Linux guest

I was having a problem with running Red Hat in a virtual machine with VMware. The OS was reporting the platform as a “?86”. Which caused “wrong platform” errors with all the rpms. The fix was rather than choose the … Continue reading

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End of T-Ball Season

Hunter’s All-Star T-ball team made it to sectionals this year.  They all did a great job this season.  He is signed up to start basketball in a few weeks and then soccer in the fall. I just started practices for … Continue reading

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t-ball tournament

Hunter is having another all-star tournament this weekend.  It is the Sandlot Tournament.  I believe we have a good shot at winning this one.

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Why did Superfetch just freakout on me??? I noticed that my system had started slowing down a few days ago.  Then it got to where the cpu was tied up so much that it took a couple of minutes to … Continue reading

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