t-ball tournament

Hunter is playing in the PONY All-Stars Directors Tournament tonight and this weekend.

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single-catagory wordpress export

Here’s a simple way that I was able to export one category from my worpress database to a new worpress installation.

  1. Create a new user as an author.  (I used “export-author”)
  2. Goto Edit Posts and Filter by chosen category.
  3. Bulk Edit and change the author to export-author.
  4. Then go to Tools and Export.
  5. Choose to restrict author to export-author.
  6. Import file into new wordpress.
  7. Choose to change import author to existing author of new installation.
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Hunter has graduated kindegarten.  And he won the MATH award!  That’s my boy!  I can’t believe he is growing up so fast.  Now he is playing t-ball, having swimming lessons, and going to extend-a-care camp.  Next year we are moving him to a different school.  The one he was at just didn’t have all the opportunites we wanted for him.

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I lost my Oakleys today rrrrrrrr!  That’s 3 pair in the past15 yrs or so.  Although I have broke several pairs, but got them repaired/replaced under Oakley’s great warranty.  The first pair were left on a table at an Austin Japanese restraunt, the second pair were left in the kitchen at my family reunion, and this pair was left in the bathroom at McDonalds.  All dissappered in record time.  If anyone knows of their whereabouts call me, ha.  Since I’m broke I just got two new cheap pairs for now.

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Hunter has finished up his t-ball season in 4th place.  But he is going on in All-Stars (Hays Red team).  His first tournament is this weekend – The Oak Hill Invitational All-Star Tournament.  They lost their game yesterday (21-15), took them a little while to get warmed up.  They did better today, but still lost 20-7.  However, that was against one of the best teams in the tournament, who had shut-out games, so 7 runs against them was good.  Tomorrow they will play 1,2, or 3 games, depending on whether they win or not.  Oh, and I will put some pictures up on the photo album.  I’ve been slow about getting it updated.

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Well, I finally have it the way I want it.  At least until I change my mind in the next minutes, ha 😉

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TSU Astronaut Lecture

Astronaut Charles M. Duke, the youngest of only 12 astronauts to walk on the moon, will speak on “The Adventure of the Apollo Moon Landings” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 7, in Flowers Hall Room 341 on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus.

I’m going to take Hunter so he can meet a real Astronaut.  He is very interested in space and the moon.  When he was younger he pointed at the moon one night and said “I want to go there”.

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birthday presents

I got the exclusive Blue October – Approaching Normal CD & t-shirt for my birthday.  I also got a Syma S.026 Chinook remote helicopter.  The cat loves the helicopter, ha!

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new site design

I’ve been working on a new design to my site.  I created a static entry page branching out to all the other stuff.  I am still working on some of it, but it is mostly setup.

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Dancing Tree Lights

At the Kyle city square they have set up lights on the trees and buildings, etc. that light up to music.  The music is broadcast on 100.1 FM (short range).  It is very pretty.  It starts at 5:00pm and goes till 10:00pm every night.

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