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Listen to Palm Voice Memos on PC

The Palm Voice Memo application saves files as *.pdb (palm database file). And transfers these to the Backup folder on the PC. In order to listen to these they need to be converted to a different format (such as mp3). … Continue reading

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I have been playing a lot of sudoku lately.  I never thought about it much till my Mom got a sudoku book for Christmas, and gave it to me.   I’ve got the Astraware version on my Treo, and play it just … Continue reading

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whee! I got my new phone!

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down goes the treo

my treo 650 finally fell out on me. it got stuck in an endless loop (in the HotSync app, in firmware). maybe it got banged about one too many times. it has went through alot of hard drops over the … Continue reading

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my treo has a lisp

the “p” key on my Treo650 has become very sensitive, and appends a “p” to several things i write. i feel like i’m writing in LISP, and constantly asking questions, ha.

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I have been playing around with a couple of open – source ssh clients on my Treo, pssh and Tussh. Work pretty cool. And I am using WinVNC, and it is pretty cool too. I would like to find a … Continue reading

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treo problems

My new Treo has already started giving me trouble… it is constantly locking and then going into an endless reboot loop. The System Error Log shows “A crash occurred on xx/xx/xx at xx:xx xm while running “Messaging”: ../Src/MessageStoreMain.c, Line:116, Unable … Continue reading

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