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New Job

I am now working at AMD in Software Research & Developement as a BIOS QA Analyst.  It is very similar to my product test analyst job at Dell, but more about low-level code valadation.  I preform testing of AGESA & … Continue reading

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speaking of jobs…

Speaking of jobs, I read that Dell is cutting back on it’s workforce.  Hiring freeze and encourged unpaid (or permanet) vacations.  The ironic thing is that I have been contacted 5 times now by contract compaines to come back for … Continue reading

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I’ve found a new little gig to supplement my consulting business.  It is doing contract work for IBM.  I’ve been installing new servers in stores and deploying workstations in hotels.  Kinda fun.

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disambiguation: Noun 1. the removal of ambiguity The lexical disambiguation relies on looking ahead to identify possible senses Life at Dell. “it’s on your performance plan…”

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Dell solar car race

Somehow I always miss the beginning of the race… 10th annual Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge

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Got my MSDN subscription today. How exciting!!

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good day

This was such a great day! Dell had an offsite today, which was a picnic at Walnut Creek Park. Our whole organization showed up. So I got to talk to people that I had not worked with in several years. … Continue reading

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i got shocked this evening at work. that hasn’t happened in a long time. wasn’t much fun, my arm is still painful and shakey.

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I’m currently working on a project with our Development Center in Taiwan. So far it has been a great opportunity to learn and interact in a working relationship with a different culture. One advantage of working for a global company

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