Why would I think that it was the Moon and not the lake?
It was a simple glimpse, partial memory.
Dark, white, and cold.
Could have been anywhere.
Anchorage, low south, but wasn’t.
Accidents will happen.
It must have, but I really can not tell.
What led to it?
I may never know.
Mental divergence, or so they say, it could never be.
Living-divergence, dream state.
Floating sunset submerged.
Deep, but where?
Wetness seeping as the scare continues.
Lost in the watery depths.
To emerge or delve, which would be true happiness.
I can not say, I am there and I feel…


1 Response to “dream”

  • the images in this piece are beautiful but so contradictory–how different is the Moon from a lake from a sunset.

    Even without the title I would feel this was a dream–you evoke that very strongly…that confusing sense of knowing where you are and not knowing at the same time.

    but I find myself disturbed by the references to ‘they’ and the passive ‘accidents will happen’ as if there is an outide force.

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