A fools heart
~is often broken
when the mind falls
~into the clutches of emotion


inside myself asleep

looms, surrounds
pushes without within
try to crawl inside
try to curl, try to sleep
forget the past- future- here- now
it crushes down
holds, stings
no speak, no scream
losing, losing, losing
all that know
all that care
perchance another time,
another place,
another me.

ladies of chess

All pawns are potential princesses…-(me)

never before

looking into the eye

of the deceptive warmth

never before feeling the intensity

that is so inviting

the velvet fog is

enveloping and dangerous

the deceptive comfort

is like a noose-tied blanket

eventually falling into

the coffin of hurt


social rabbit

is it in front of me or perhaps I left it behind
I’ll look again tomorrow and try to find…
at least a small hug
or maybe I’ll just wait for the rabbit to fall from above


(so inept at finding friends, that when i tried to play the Sims2, the social rabbit always fell out of the sky to talk to me)

Plight of the Paper-wasps

On sitting one evening against a wooden fence, watching my friend skate a ditch
it came to my attention that
not five inches from my face was a yellow-jacket nest
they looked at me and I at them, with no need for alarm
as I have coexisted with them my whole life, and have never had them do any harm
it surprises me the fear most have of creatures capable of inflicting pain
when they, themselves, are usually to blame.


figment of pain

feeling you fade by me
just a torrent of vapor
a translucent whisper
remnant of a possibility
gone in an instant
but remaining with me
hidden inside
never free


causal nexus

Lost in the eye of your sea
Green waves crash against a burnt sienna shore
Feel as if I’m falling
Grasping for a hold
But never reach terminal velocity
As I lunge for your soul
For rushing back to the here and now
Finds me leaving all alone

Running a key query on your core
Returning pointers to broken records
Which were scattered from years before
Trying to search for a header
Just one field left intact
Perhaps we can store a new one
And the rest we will compact

waking beneath the sails
slowly drifting along
feeling your arms around me
this is where I belong


knock you down

kicking the pedestal
..down, down, down
hearing the redshift of your brilliance it all comes crashing to the ground



There is a box of nothing, a box of tears, a box of ghosts, and a box of fears.
So many pains were surely bled, and so many joys are long since dead.
Wrap it tight, with binding and nail.
And push it behind the imaginary time of tale.


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