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leaves of walking through

Damaged hearts fall on the silence
of the rambles of twisted feelings
winding their way up dead trees
reaching back to slash intentions
a kiss for the bandage
a hug for the heal
and a heart for the appeal


Unobserved Trees

If a tear falls in an empty house with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?

The Mirror of M. cCmndhd

The Mirror of M. cCmndhd

She doesn’t have a picture of what she lost

to look at from the bridge or the tree

using it to conjure a failed memory

But shattering the thought,

why she came, why she stayed,

why she persisted, and why she failed?

The silence remains, she is lost in her head

the shelves are burdened, and liable to fall

wishing she could make a call

The pain begins an apathetic glow

she walks with smiles, but cries alone

only holding photographs, and keeping her arms clean

They say “you’re stronger than you think”.

“see, you’re here in session with me”.

But when the cycle turns

the tissue holding this heavy burden

will dissappear, as the first tears fall



sarah deux

When i was young i feel on my head
My family thought i must be dead

When the ceiling came down
with grit and sound
My family thought i must have drown

When day shook night
i lost my sight
My family thought i must have died

When i lay and lay
with nothing to say
My family thinks i must have passed away



like a school girl; i get a flutter of wings inside

finding beauty singing forth from your heart strings

as you bare pieces of your soul for me

which i cherish and protect

lest they may be made whole again

if our paths shall ever cross

and if not

I shall keep them hid away forever

finding contentment in their warm beauty

with each facet reflecting your beautiful eyes



feet patter above the pebbles of stars falling slowly with clouds closing softly

over breeze delicately lifting with only a hinderance of seventy and two
as the cold earth air ventures forth to replace it filling the cracks around

what may be thirty-six or may be seventy and two as well along

Very very silent very very dark very very very still verry verry sad very very gone


one day


phishing for scenes

whishing through doubts

into bubbling gardens of zen

smiling with the crackling seeds

falling into streams of blue sky

trickling through broken conversations

weaving through the past fall

of the pages unspoken yet

leaving in silence

broken by comforting voices

disappearing into the night

light of the house so comforting

pain of impulsiveness only a moment

with them and time to think

about why



drifting filigree unabel to find the shadow of blushing lilies with the matted reddness turning to brown through the windi reflections of beautiful blurs of pain streaking across the etched glass of years past


It Lies Beside Me

I see you
passing through
a rose petal falling
to a puddle splashing
drowning, sinking
striking hard
crimson seeps
cracks the petal flows
eyes fixed
the petal lies

– me

running away

In the damp wooded field
The pain was so silent
As it streaked across my face
Stumbling, tripping, mist falling
You were forever fading behind me

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